The Power of Originals

The French term “Singulier” can be translated to original or unusually gifted people. And we have all heard of that elusive quality known as originality, which is a synonym of brilliant, bold, bright, gifted and unconventional.
Referring to someone as original can also bring up connotations of eccentricity or weirdness. Extremely complex and full of life, true originals can also be misunderstood. Depending on the company, if they don’t have the best reputation, they might sometimes be seen as non-conformist, a black sheep, troublemaker, rabble-rouser, disrupter, heretic or radical. They get shunned easily and often.

Master Constant Change to Win in the Post-Pandemic Future With High-Potential Employees

Today more than ever, companies are grappling with increasingly complex challenges that require bringing the best employees to work every day.
Indeed, facing the pandemic means reinventing businesses in volatile conditions. At a time when adapt or die has never been so true, organizations must be able to switch gears quickly to thrive in ever-changing conditions.
Reinvention is necessary to keep businesses relevant and alive. To do so, they need to tap into the diversity of passions and perspectives around them. Fresh, innovative thinking is essential for business survival and growth.