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SINGULARITY is a leading singular talent agency. We specialize primarily in the recruitment of inspiring, gifted executive and top management profiles.
In today’s fast-changing world, leaders who have continued to see change as essential are much more likely to accelerate their business. We reveal and bring high-potential changemakers to light the spark inside your company. Your organization will transform the fastest and stay the safest in the long term.

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Setting the Standard

In order to strengthen business in uncertain times, leaders recognize the impact of the right managers, transformation makers and talents. The ones who will have the influence and credibility needed within an organization to make major shifts, shape how work gets done, and conduct successful teams.  

To achieve breakthrough value, you deserve excellence for your company. Our deep respect for business talent and passion for fostering your success sets our bar fearlessly high. Our standard is anything but typical.

Doing what is right for our clients and talents drives every decision we make. We combine our clients’ and business talents’ goals in a collaborative way that results in a higher multiple for all.  




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The key to excelling in business transformation is collaborating with gifted talent.

They don’t just create, build and develop; they approach problems from new angles, handle surprises, learn quickly, excel in problem-solving, deeply understand your organization and help sustain the value of innovation over time. 

We help you find the right talent inside or outside your company to achieve your goals.


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