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We advise and partner with leaders committed to greatness and focused on opportunities. They’re the leaders who are building the institutions, experiences, products, and services that propel the world forward. They reject preconceived notions of what talents should look like, focusing on intelligence, creativity and agility. They show greater openness toward unusually gifted people, regardless of their gender or race.

If you’re one of them, we help you and your team take on your most complex challenges and best opportunities for your business.

We do this by elevating the role of singular people in the value proposition. We provide companies with inspiring profiles that build systems of transformation with the power to affect change at every level and drive tangible business results.

We always take a human-led, purpose-driven approach — accounting for the entire organization and focusing on where transformation is most needed.

We believe you already possess the key to your greatness. Our approach ensures that your teams can, and will, achieve more than you ever thought possible.

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SINGULARITY High-Potential Talent Awareness Program
Create Your Talent Factory

Helping you identify, develop and retain your high-potential and gifted employees.

Talent is your most valuable resource. Your company will not flourish without smart, creative, engaged employees. That is why finding, developing, and retaining good people with the right skills is critical. Singularity helps you achieve that goal.

Leaders have long said that people are their companies’ most important assets, but making the most of them has acquired a new urgency. Any company aiming to grow in the post-pandemic world has little hope of achieving its goals without the ability to put the right people on the ground, and fast. Finding your hidden gifted resources now matters.

Singularity created a High-Potential Talent Awareness program to provide the key detection clues to reveal and manage efficiently these rising stars. We help you identify your gifted employees and offer unique development resources to support their leadership of your operations, programs and transformation.

Recruiting New Talents

Finding the best talent around to give you a real edge over your competitors.

We equip your company with SINGULARITY resources. Our deep knowledge in giftedness and a unique approach on selecting singular talents are based on three pillars – comprehension, creativity, and drive – that allow us to gather a pool of outstanding talents.

As an agency, we have gathered an extensive pool of singular talents, whom we mentor and follow throughout their life career. These profiles are scarce, and we ensure to make them available for your organization’s needs and success. Our talents offer leadership, the ability to influence and great knowledge. They have mastered change-management techniques, bring expertise in your field and offer skills in strategic and tactical management, transformation organization, and digital and business architecture.

SINGULARITY Innovation Lab

Becoming a Future Ready Company

Keeping up with intensifying change and complexity in the business ecosystem is vital for organizations to stay alive. Instead of thinking of change as a threat, let’s picture it as a friend.

To become future-ready, companies need to scale up their ability to learn, innovate, and seek good ideas regardless of their origin.

With the power of our gifted experts, we help you identify the big moves required to innovate and position your company to maximize and sustain growth and returns for long-term performance.

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