We are a community of  neurodivergent and intense people with high ability to master the unknown. We  excel in five dimensions: Intellectual, Emotional, Creative, Sensory and Psychomotor

Our high level of energy and deep understanding of stakes allow us to take initiatives, understand human beings, confront obstacles, and find new solutions by challenging the status quo and pushing innovation. 

Our goal?  That our mad skills serve the transformation, innovation, and reinvention of the world.

The mad skills of a singular profile

What We Bring to the Table


We are truth seekers, deep divers and people lovers. We love to dig into problems and under organizational silos to understand. This is how we elaborate clear and robust recommendations. At ease in unproven waters, we balance our left and right brain with our appetite for truth to bring new awareness to your complex challenges and find the most accurate solutions.


Intensity and Empathy are our key signature and engines to drive transformation. We are enzymes, catalysts for change. We activate an impressive amount of energy and emotional intelligence in order to make the transformation happen.


Uncertainty is our favorite playground. Challenges fuel our imagination and new ways of doing things. We love to deal with blank pages and create new approaches out of nothing. Our practical creativity is one of our biggest strengths. For us, it is not sufficient to do things better — we need to do better things. Expect from us a high level of engagement, creativity and curiosity.

How we work…


We keep people at the center
of our work.


We are extraordinarily focused,
empathic, and enterprising.


We quickly digest and analyze huge amounts of information.
And we love that.


We are highly inquisitive,
motivated, and committed.

Collaboration makes us better.
Let’s Connect.